Download ETEE

You may download and install the plug-in from download site. (Doing so will allow better tracking of downloads.)

To perform a manual install, download the latest release from the Files section of the Eclipse Text Editor Extensions project at

  1. Download the file
  2. Unpack it into your Eclipse installation. The zip file contains a plugins folder which should match with your eclipse/plugins folder. If you want source as well, download
  3. Alternately, you may instead install it as an extension:
    1.  Create a new folder for it, for example ~/eclipse-extensions/etee-1.0.7/eclipse for Unix systems or C:\eclipse-extensions\etee-1.0.7\eclipse for Windows
    2. Unzip into the new eclipse folder
    3. Add an file in your Eclipse/links folder which contains the location of your extention, depending on your operating system
    4. Remove any older etee-*.link files.
  4. Restart Eclipse.
31 March 2006
Release 1.0.7 adds the Filter menu to the WebTools Structured Text (XML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, HTML) Editors. It also fixes a problem with XML special characters in feature.xml which caused Eclipse to get an exception in the Update Manager.
21 Feb 2006
Release 1.0.6 adds the Filter menu to the Eclipse Ant Editor. I also added plugin.xml generation from a XSL template (apply the XSL transform plugin.xsl to the template file plugin-template.xml to generate plugin.xml; see also build.xml) to make it much easier to add new text editor contexts in the future.
28 Nov 2005
Release 1.0.5 is a bug fix release; see the ETEE bug 1363683
16 June 2005
Release 1.0.4 is a bug fix release which allows ETEE to work with Eclipse 3.1RC2. ETEE 1.0.3's plugin.xml causes fatal crash in Eclipse 3.1RC2 (and perhaps RC1); see the Eclipse bug 100346 which is resolved for 3.1RC3.
15 June 2005
Release 1.0.3 adds several new features:
  1. More editors are supported, namely the cfeclipse CFMEditor.
  2. The dialog for entering a filter command now maintains a combo box with command history. In this release, the history is not persisted across invocations of Eclipse.
  3. The three operations now have key bindings:
    • Filter is invoked with Alt-|
    • Quote XML Special Characters is invoked with Alt-&
    • Unquote XML Special Characters is invoked with Alt-<
  4. There is on option when running the filter to direct the output to the Eclipse Console rather than replacing the selected region.
Note: 1.0.3 does not work with Eclipse 3.1RC2 (and perhaps not with Eclipse 3.1RC1) due to an error in ETEE's plugin.xml that causes Eclipse to crash. The CVS version of the plugin.xml has a potential fix which is undergoing testing prior to releasing 1.0.4. 1.0.3 does work with earlier 3.1 milestone releases and with Eclipse 3.0.2.

05 June 2005
Release 1.0.2 fixes some bugs in handling the process execution threads and thread termination seen on Linux systems. Canceling a filter works better now, as do special cases of filters, such as those which do not read any input.
12 May 2005
Initial 1.0.0 release